Restorations Bow windows give you a great view of wide open spaces ­ equally. Our Bow windows offer you contemporary styling and the versatile window design you desire. With Restorations Bow windows, you’ll enjoy huge views and greater level of overall comfort.

  • Designed with 3, 4, 5, or 6 equal lites, all set at 10° angles, for versatile window design
  • High quality seatboards, headboards, and side panels are manufactured from furniture grade 1 1/8″ thick oak veneer plywood (versus typical 3/4″ thick plywood)
  • Interior surfaces can be finished with optional, easy-care laminates in Painters White, Golden Oak, Provincial Oak, Brazilian Pecan, Colonial Cherry, Norwegian Maple, or English Walnut to eliminate the need to paint or stain surfaces
  • Anti-water penetration system helps protect against water/moisture damage
  • Jamb depth: Custom
  • Mainframe weld (window): Fusion
  • Sash weld: Fusion
  • Head, set & jambs: 1-1/8″ oak plywood (birch available)
  • Standard Glass: Double-pane clear
  • Standard Spacer: 7/8″ XL Edge®Glazing System(except some decorative glass options)
  • Exterior mainframe: Contour
  • Interior mainframe: Beveled or stepped
  • Glazing beads: Coved
  • Operation: Either two operating casements (standard) or two double hung windows (optional)
  • Bay angle: Either 30° or 45°
  • Bow angle: 10°
  • Sight lines: Equal
  • Insulation: Polyurethane insulated
  • main frames and mullion cavities (insulated seat board optional)
  • Cable Support System: Optional
  • All exterior exposed wood surfaces are covered with white vinyl laminate
  • Double Insulated Seat option
  • Edge banding (wood and laminate available)
  • Additional Operating units available (standard are the two exterior flanker unit)
  • All Fixed units