Because ugly, stock windows are giving vinyl a bad name…

Vinyl replacement windows are known for having two traits: great energy efficiency and uninspired design. As much as people want efficient windows, no one wants to look at ugly, bulky windows for 30 years. Including us.

At Restorations® windows, we believe no one should have to choose between “pretty” and “performance”. That’s why we have gone beyond basic. Our windows incorporate special design elements that emulate the sophisticated styling of wood windows, with dozens of decorative options, and all the elements necessary to deliver maximum efficiency. Superior form and function. The best of both worlds.

Vinyl windows with sophisticated styling of wood windows come in dozens of decorative options


Your home is your biggest investment. Give it the extra boost of curb appeal you’re craving.

“I have completed two out of a three year window replacement project on my house. I opted for Restorations windows based on positive reviews online. All I can say is those reviews were 100% correct. These are very high-quality windows. Of course, they do a great job keeping the elements out. I ordered my windows with the white exterior and golden oak interior finish. The windows look really sharp in that configuration, and I do not think most people would be able to tell my windows are not real wood. I also opted for the triple pane package which makes my house temperature a lot more uniform throughout.”
Keith R., Michigan

“We chose Restorations windows to replace all of the windows in our 30 year old house in 2018. My husband did a lot of research before making his decision. We love them. We especially like the narrower frames that they have, allowing much less obstruction of your view. Our house is so much quieter and easier to keep cool on the HOT Texas day (It is 103 today.) I especially liked that we could have a white frame inside and almond outside. Restorations was the only manufacturer that we found that even offered that option.”

Michelle W., Texas

“A beautiful product! Makes a huge difference in the appearance of my house.”

Sharon V., Indiana