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Restorations Facts

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Inspired by the beauty and craftmanship of traditional wood windows, the strength and durability of FiberCore, and the ease of maintenance of vinyl window systems, Restorations Windows by Sunrise are the clear choice for homeowners all across America.

Your home is the most important possession you own. And when you entertain the thought of inviting a company such as Sunrise to provide you with products and services, you look for integrity, high-performance products and exceleent service. Restorations Windows, Sunrise Windows' exclusively distributed, premium performing product line will provide you with unsurpassed beauty, exceptional comfort and a greater overall product value.

Many people say that the times when you word was your bond and when people took care of each other are over. However, employees at Sunrise beg to differ. Many of the principles that seem to be lost in today's business-savvy world can be found right here at Sunrise Windows. Our principles show through our dedication to delivering the best product, on time, and at a great value. We don't offer gimmicks or make claims we can't back up. And, not only do we stand behind our beautifully designed innovative products, but we also back up the entire window installation handled by our Restorations dealer network. You will see we offer you not only a great window and door replacement product but we also give you added peace of mind.

Although we have many customers all over the country, we are not surprised that you may not have heard of us, but the industry sure has. There are more than 10,000 maunfacturers and assemblers of windows and doors in North America and Sunrise has been slected for inclusion year after year in Window & Door Magazine's listing of the Top 100 manufacturers. And we have been the recipient of several of the industry's coveted Crystal Achievement Awards for product innovation. We have also been named one of the "Ten Manufactueres to Watch" by Door & Window Maker Magazine. These accolades are just a few reminders of our dedication to developing high performance window systems for today's consumer.

What should you expect with Restorations windows?

Although you have many options when it comes to replacing the windows in your home, we also know you want to make the best decision for you and your family. With this in mind, we provide you with the most up-to-date technical information available so you can make an educated purchasing decision.


Restorations windows are designed with the beauty of American architecture in mind. With our patented*, double-coved contoured window design, not only will your windows beautifully frame your view from inside your home, but your neighbors will envy the look of your home from the curb.

And who wants to replace their existing windows only to find that they have actually lost their view in the process? Our true narrowline window design offers up to 27% more viewing area than other replacement windows. So when you replace your windows with Restorations you'll benefit from today's technology without compromising your wonderful view.

Patented* Narrowline window design for up to 27% more viewing area

*U.S. design patent number 372,314

Performance: Our Windows are Made to Insulate

There are many different types of materials that are used in the manufacturing of windows... some that will significantly improve insulation values, and others that may not even be as good as the windows your are replacing. With Restorations, you can be assured we are using the highest quality and best insulating materials in our products so you'll truly be insulated from the cold of winter and the heat of summer. (Also see how our glass stacks up - literally!)

When investing in new windows, you want to solve the problems your existing windows have. Block out winter's cold winds and stop losing heat. That's what Restorations windows do better than the rest.

With a constant 25 mile-per-hour wind, this test shows how many cubic feet of air infiltrated through each sq. foot of the window each minute. All results are from each manufacturer's published product specifications. (Andersen 5/00; Marvin 1997; Pella 7/00.) When comparing window brands, be certain to get actual test result copies from each manufacturer. Air infiltration results for Restorations Double Hung windows are in accordance with NFRC 400/ASTM E283 procedures for determining fenestration product air leakage. All results are from each manufacturer's published product specifications. (Andersen 5/00; Marvin 1997; Pella 7/00.) When comparing window brands, be certain to get actual test result copies from each manufacturer. Overall Residential U-Factor results for Restorations Double Hung windows are in accordance with NFRC 102 test procedure for measuring thermal transmittance of fenestration systems.

FiberCore structural technology increases the strenth and durability of Restorations windows versus other replacement windows. UltraCore polyurethane insulated windows provide the finest in window insulation comparable to the insulation found in freezer doors. No matter the temperature outside, you're sure to stay comfy inside. SecureSeal Meeting Rails combine the benefits of a continuous fiberglass structural core for superior strength and durability, the insulating properties of our high-performance polyurethane insulation, and the advantages of a triple-weatherstrip barrier. DraftBlock Weatherstripping provides a superior barrier to wind and air by combining three layers of weatherstripping all with a center double fin for durability, a specially designed balance chamber air block and dual closed cell sill weatherstrip seals that all last a lifetime.

Of course, all this is protected by our sureCare Comprehensive Care Package, which provides you with an iron-clad guarantee that your new windows will be installed by a certified Restorations Professional and will be back by a comprehensive warranty that covers not only your windows but also the installation.

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